Because it often happens that in our yard or during our trips we find mushrooms which we not know at all; I decided to build my own tool for recognition purpose, this Mushroomfinder will not help you to find any mushroom, but with it's fast filtering tools will help you to recognize them in no-time.


A quick introduction of this Mushroomfinder can be found as follow:
  • Try to reduce as much is possible your search terms using the most distinctive elements of the fungus.  All filtering fields are never required. Try to use only the most dominant characteristics of your mushroom, so, you can quickly identify the mushroom.
  • The filtering is instant and is reflected in the table below the filtering area.

  • Before a new search you only need to clear these filters.
Clearing all filters

  • Symbols used are very simple and I hope it goes without saying. It means that a mushroom is edible, inedible or poisonous, whether or not protected by law or rare, if fungus I collected / seen before and if they flourish in our region or not. This last observation is quite subjective and I would not insist on it, but may be further additional filtering criteria. All symbols can be found in help section of this tool.

  • Growing period mentioned is only indicative, as it is known that fungi can and do occur whenever conditions are met. Sure, there are exceptions, even when the flourish period is the criteria that defines the different fungi.

  • Another possibility is the relatively new option to mention scientific (or popular) name synonyms although this criteria is without any manipulating option, just presenting additional information.

  •     Filtering is divided into two chapters, namely: Find and ReturnFind is for recognition of fungus, while Return is in order to identify fungi in a given season, before starting to pick mushrooms. 
Find and Return

  • In Chapter Return a major role to play is given to the option "my collection"  which mean a fungus that is already known or not by me.
My collection

  •     This collection is not the result of my research, but the summary of several popular databases. Since I have not found anywhere a comprehensive collection of fungi, hence the idea of ​​creating this program, hence the translation sometimes "unclear" to various fungi, because I used an automatic translator.
  •     Popular name is not definitive, because different areas can use different popular names for each zone. From here the idea to not have the ability to search by popular name because it can be misleading, if we know the scientific name instead, we can look for it  by "writing" directly in the table below. It will adjust itself after each letter "written".
  •     To use this program enjoyable I recommend a desktop resolution of 1280x1024 pixels.

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